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Rise in Online Casino Operators Adds To Student Gambling Problems

Student LifeNet's comments on the proposal to make the abortion pill, levonorgestrel 0.75mg available 'over the counter' (29/06/00)

Marie Stopes forced to end 'morning after'pill promotion

Get real Geri and promote Life, not death (24/04/00)

Graduation memories, a thought for those not present (20/04/00)

Pre-natal surgery for Spina Bifida: good or bad? (24/04/00)

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Abortion Human Cloning
Human pesticide to be distributed under strict controls in the USA (Reuters 07/06/00)

Northern Ireland assembly rejects abhorrent abortion law (BBC 20/06/00)

Northern Ireland assembly debates abortion law (BBC 20/06/00)

Legislation could allow embryo experimentation in France (Reuters 03/07/00)

Chinese goat clone dies (BBC 19/06/00)

Mouse Neural stem cells grow tissue (AP 01/06/00)

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Embryo Issues Euthanasia
Scientists bend the law at expense of human embryos (BBC 06/07/00)

Italian Pro-Life movement defends three frozen embryos (10/05/00)

Thousands of embryos 'killed' in the UK (BBC 14/04/00)

Jail threat of parents who actted to save their child's life in an NHS hospital.

Right to life family deny assault (BBC 07/06/00)

Right to life family deny assault (BBC 07/06/00)

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Genetic Engineering 'Morning after' pill
Dolly firm used woman's DNA, without consent (BBC 03/07/00)

Scientists crack human code (BBC 26/06/00)

'Smart Gene' makes for brainy mice (BBC 19/06/00)

No more 'morning after' pills at French schools, courts say (NY Times 01/07/00)

Abortion pills being pushed over the counter. (The Guardian 20/05/00)

Teenagers targeted with morning-after pill (BBC 09/03/00)

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