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25th May 2000

Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU) recently voted by a crushing majority not to affiliate to the National Abortion Campaign, a political pressure group which calls for abortion on demand. A team of female medical students led the successful campaign against affiliation, with two all-female colleges (Newnham and New Hall) giving their decisive support to the pro-life initiative. CUSU also voted for greater publicity for LIFE, the pro-life pregnancy support charity.

A spokesperson for Student LifeNet commented, "We are delighted but unsurprised that Cambridge students rejected the affiliation to the National Abortion Campaign. With a growing awareness that the unborn child is a human being and not 'just a blob of cells', more and more young people are prepared to be counted in the active defence of the right to life of the unborn child."

"Increasing numbers of young doctors and medical students are refusing to be involved with abortion. So, it was no surprise to us that the campaign against affiliation at Cambridge was lead by female Medical students."

"Over the last month we have seen abortion adverts on the London Underground in a bid to increase the profits of the abortion industry. The rejection of abortion on demand at Cambridge University is a clear sign that growing numbers of young people are becoming more and more actively opposed to abortion as the solution to unplanned pregnancy."


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