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24th April 2000

A ruthless war among the abortion providers in the United Kingdom hots up as BPAS giant advertisements go up on 50 London Underground Stations. The so-called charity, British Pregnancy Advisory Service, has already cornered 25% of the market in the booming abortion industry, but new communications' director, Ann Furedi, aims to increase productivity. BPAS has never been shy of using commercial language to sell its lethal services, but since Ms Furedi's arrival, new extremes of callousness are being revealed.

While abortion may be 'simply a fact of life' for the casual Ms Furedi, it is a grim fact of death for the pre-born babies whose lives are destroyed in BPAS clinics; 55,000 last year alone according to the proud claim of their triumphant underground poster. Proud to kill and proud to pocket the profits, this surely redefines the meaning of charity.

Ms Furedi asks that we break the taboo of abortion and consider it as 'a legal, moral and responsible solution to an unwanted pregnancy'.

This is our response to her challenge. Student LifeNet, along with many other pro-life groups, is more than willing to break the taboo of abortion. Check out the following website ( and you will see the reality of the moral and responsible solution to unwanted pregnancy as proposed by BPAS.

"To reduce abortion to that of another marketable product is to totally devalue the lives of those killed by abortion."

"It is now abundantly clear to everyone that the only choice this so called pregnancy advisory service is interested in is peddling is abortion. The rhetoric has been uncovered revealing what we have long suspected, the main concern of abortion racketeers is cashing in on a booming industry, regardless of the consequences. These blood-thirsty business tycoons are driven by bank accounts and not by concern for women."

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