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College Students Are Drawn To The Highs Of Gambling

Gambling is now as intertwined into college life as studying, drinking or parties. It’s common now to find students at parties and gatherings with their phone in hand. They’re not texting their friends or even swiping through Tinder. Instead, they are keeping track of football scores and pondering whether they could be seconds away from claiming a couple hundred or even more. It’s not just apps of on the phone of course. You might find that students are visiting your local Betfred or potentially at the casino in town. Indeed, studies have shown that gambling among the student population, particularly males, is growing at a rapid pace. Studies have shown that within this population, gambling is growing at about 5% each year. So, why is gambling becoming so popular among students and what is the danger here?

More Accessible

One of the main reasons why gambling has become a major issue in the student population is the ease at which young adults can get involved. In the past, to gamble, you would need to head down to the nearest casino or bookies. These days, it’s possible to download an app and within minutes start placing bets. Furthermore, there are countless online casinos which offer all kind of bonuses and free spins to entice new players. This ensures that individuals can have fun playing games and make money in minutes. It’s a very enticing possibility and studies have shown that these apps can be as addictive and provide the same high as illegal drugs.

The Triggers Of Gambling

Research has suggested that there are three main triggers that start a gambling habit. These are boredom, a feeling of emptiness and an issue with chronic low self-esteem. These are issues that many teenagers will face through their life in higher education. Between classes and studying, it’s somewhat understandable why they are looking to blow off some steam. Of course, others enjoy the possibility of gambling a great deal. It provides an escape from the stress caused by exams on the horizon and multiple assignments that may be due. It’s also a potential for competition and this might explain why male college students are more prone to gamble than females. Research shows that in small groups males are far more competitive particularly at a young age. Here, they can challenge one another to succeed financially.


The final issue that we need to be aware of is how these apps and websites work. Similar to other solutions online and digitally, they send incentives to their customers. They track who hasn’t been on the app in a while and then send out nudges from bonuses to free spins and games. This brings the student back to gamble again and again. Possibly, as they try to beef up the amount of money in their bank account. This would explain why one-third of individuals who contact Gamble Aware are now under 22. Is this concerning? Well, adolescents are two to three times more likely to develop a gambling addiction compared to an older adult. This is according to the Institute of Public Health. We hope this helps you understand the problem of online gambling in the student population and why it should be a concern. If you are affected by any of the issues in this article you can get help and advice from

Steve Davis February 2018


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