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Oct Pro-abortion campaign rejected by Cambridge Students
Forced out of Fresher's Fair
One couple's struggle with abortion
Sept Bio-ethics Conference, Cambridge University
June Comments on the proposal to make the abortion pill, levonorgestrel 0.75mg available 'over the counter' (29/06/00)
April Marie Stopes forced to end 'morning after'pill promotion
Get real Geri and promote Life, not death (24/04/00)
Graduation memories, a thought for those not present (20/04/00)
Pre-natal surgery for Spina Bifida: good or bad? (24/04/00)
March SPUC - Youth Conference (March 2000)
February 2000 Students pressured to have abortions (28/2/00)
A student nurses experiences with abortion during training. (5/2/00)
Pro-life MP visits Oxford University
Government mourns human life, while students celebrate

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