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SPUC - Youth Conference (March 2000)

The SPUC youth and student division conference that took place in March was a fantastic success.

The first talk was on the abortion pill, or human pesticide known as RU 486, it is a method of abortion currently used in pregnancies up to about 10 weeks.  We were informed of the distressing effect of RU-486, which results in a mother giving birth to her aborted baby. This sometimes occurs in their after homes leaving her and possibly her partner to be faced with the 'contents of her womb', a very tiny human being.

The psychological effects on women (and men also) caused by RU-486 are incredibly distressing, but RU-486 has a lot of backing by those who tenaciously claim that RU-486 'makes abortion easier'. For whom I ask?  It has received a lot of funding due to cost effectiveness and convenience to the medical profession.

Julie called for the truth about RU-486 to be made known.  She also spoke about the morning after pill which though being abortive is distortedly labeled 'emergency contraception'.  Julie expressed concern at current campaigns to frivolously promote the morning after pill.  She highlighted the fact that the recommendation to only take the morning after pill at most twice in a lifetime was being ignored in a bid by government and other lobbies to expand the market in this product.

It should be noted that the precautionary advice concerning the ‘morning after’ pill was referenced from the pharmaceutical companies and doctors.  It is therefore evident that those who suggest that the this medication should be available over the pharmacist’s counter, even to girls below 16, are obviously unconcerned of the risks they are subjecting young and indeed all women too.


British Victims of Abortion (BVA) - Margaret Cuthill, National co-ordinator

Margaret spoke of the growing need for compassionate counseling provided by groups such as BVA for women suffering from Post-Abortion Syndrome (PAS).  She genuinely recounted her own experience of an abortion and brought home the need for true compassion towards women who suffer as she did.  She contrasted the service that BVA and other pro-life groups provide with and the apparent lack of compassion from a so called 'pro-choice' perspective, where lip service passes for understanding and the reaffirmation of ' it's your choice ' and ' you did the right thing 'as counseling.  Margaret Cuthill reinforced to all present that to be pro-life is to be pro-woman.


Dr J Treloar GP

A part time GP and expectant mother of her seventh Child; a fantastic example to us all that you certainly can have both a successful career and be a mother at the same time, even if you have seven or more children gave the talk; ' Eugenic Cleansing...........'.  She highlighted many worrying issues concerning unnecessary pre-natal scanning which most expectant mothers are subject to.

Dr Treloar informed us that there are no medical reasons for a scan prior to 20 wks.  Scans conducted prior to this stage are done with the aim of identifying unborn babies with disabilities, so that abortion could be offered she termed this ‘seek and destroy’.  It is through ultra sound scans on any pregnant woman that the seek out technology is developed, so that any woman having a scan could be unknowingly contributing to ‘seek and destroy’ techniques.

This manipulation of women is appalling as women either believe there is an important medical reason for a scan or as in most cases they are just excited to see their baby for the first time and take home the first picture.  They are certainly not informed of the intention of the scan, which is a scandalous non-consensual invasion of privacy, for both mother and baby.


'Teenage Sexuality: The Safe Sex Hoax',  Dr Margaret White

Dr White was unassuming and directed her talk based on medical facts and well researched statistics, she spoke frankly about the effectiveness of all types of contraception, their after effects, and identified abortifaceints.  She spoke about the siege mentality of throwing contraception at underage teenagers as the solution to underage pregnancies, where as it has been acknowledged by many leading professionals including pro-abortion advocates that increasing the provisions of contraception to underage teenagers is often associated, with both a higher pregnancy and abortion rate.


 Dr White was very funny and seemed to make an impression on everyone, especially as she addressed the responsibilities that go with sexual activity, which is sadly not endorsed by our 'teacher of our nation', the media.


In between talks there was the opportunity to attend various workshops, on the effects of abortion on women (British Victims of Abortion), Teenage Sexuality and 'How to answer the hard questions?'.   The workshops gave the opportunity for people to ask questions and discuss issues raised in the talks further.

John Smeaton National Director of SPUC delivered the opening talk on Sunday morning. Mr Smeaton gave an impressive overview of the wide-ranging concerns for pro-lifers of today.  He highlighted the need to be aware and informed on issues that touch life, and emphasized the importance of supporting as many pro-life campaigns as we can.  The Medical Treatment (Prevention of Euthanasia) Bill which is currently being discussed in parliament was then discussed and the importance of contacting MP’s to encourage them to support legislation that sought to protect life was vital to prevent the disabled, elderly and infirm being harmed by intention or by neglect.

The incredulous BMA guidelines that defined artificial food and fluids as 'medical treatment' were outlined and the consequences that arise by misuse and mis-interpretation, of language. It was made clear that far from being 'Medical Treatment' food and fluids are the basics sustenance of life, and this is what Ann Winterton's Medical Treatment Bill (Prevention of Euthanasia) seeks to redress. We were encouraged to support the anti-euthanasia mass lobby of Parliament organised by SPUC for April.

Mr Smeaton then handed over to his colleague Alison Davies (SPUC Handicapped division) for a more detailed talk on euthanasia.  Alison gave a very moving talk, she spoke with true compassion about the dignity and worth of each human being regardless of physical or mental disability, age, health, wealth or anything else that might cause people to discriminate.  Alison concentrated on the situation that the vulnerable and weak in our society face at the moment.

A part of the weekend, which should not pass without a mention, was of course the socializing, itself an affirming process.

All in all the weekend was a tribute to both the organisers and the participants. The combination of scientific expertise, psychological insight and personal experience resulted in an excellent weekend.



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