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Get real Geri and promote Life, not death

Last weekend (15, 16, 17 April) a Model United Nations' Summit was held in London for youth representatives from all over Europe. When it was discovered that this event was being sponsored by the eugenics-based organisation Marie Stopes International (MSI), and population controllers such as the UN Population Fund and Department for International Development, it was obvious that deliberate attempts were being made to manipulate the young people attending. The invited students were to prepare a declaration, summarising their policy deliberations over the weekend, which would be later presented to UN leaders in New York. Pro-life groups were very concerned at what influence this dubious collection of sponsors hoped to have over the final text.

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It came as no surprise that ex-spice girl, Geri Halliwell (UNFPA), under her absurd guise as UN Ambassador of Goodwill, was to set the tone of the day with a talk on population and sexual health. Ms Halliwell is currently under the wing of Marie Stopes in the UK, and has publicly given full support to 'their work' (the killing of innocent unborn children and the spread of a philosophy of eugenics in developing nations).

Even a cold wet miserable Saturday morning was not going to deter the good-humoured young pro-lifers from bringing their joyful alternative message of 'Life not death', to former supporter of girl power, Geri Halliwell.

The aim was to try and open Geri's eyes to the folly of the message she has been spouting around the world. Luck was on the side of the protestors. While assembling in a nearby subway, two members of the group went to the conference rooms to find out when Geri was due to arrive. There was not a fan in sight, but a UN official mistakenly mistook them for Geri groupies and invited them into the conference.

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In effect no real Geri fans bothered to turn up to the event, so the pro-lifers were the only ones providing a welcome, spreading across the pavement in front of the building and chanting 'Gerio, Gerio, abortion's not the way to go', 'Girl power gives life not death', 'Marie Stopes promotes eugenics'.

As Geri stepped out of her car, one brave student jumped the police cordon in an attempt to show her the truth of what she was endorsing -unrolling a picture of an aborted baby. He was immediately grabbed by two police officers and thrown into their van, and was later cautioned for displaying an offensive picture. Poor Geri! With so many people blinding her from the truth, how will she ever understand the dreadful horror of the agenda she helps promote. . While the protest was underway outside, the two 'fans' prepared to deliver a similar message to Ms Halliwell from the conference floor. When Geri got up to speak they questioned her, "Are you aware Ms Halliwell that 57% of population control money is spent reducing birth rates of African and Latino countries." And her friend added, "To all the black students here, if they had their way you wouldn't be here." For the crime of daring to speak to Geri they were both dragged from the room and silenced by UN officials.

Geri tried to regain her composure and replied, "Everyone's allowed to have their opinion - I applaud that." Generous words, but she seemed to have overlooked the fate of the two who had tried to express their opinions.

A spokesperson for the pro-life youth network who were protesting outside the conference said, "We are saddened but not surprised by the actions of UN officials, whose desire is to silence and control ethnic minorities. This happens over and over again. We hope that one day soon Ms Halliwell will wake up and realise that she is just the puppet of an alliance of organisations promoting an agenda of oppression and discrimination."




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