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July Legislation could allow embryo experimentation in France (Reuters 03/07/00)
June Chinese goat clone dies (BBC 19/06/00)
Mouse Neural stem cells grow tissue (AP 01/06/00)
May Listen to public, says cloning scientist (BBC 30/05/00)
Florida cryogenic firm banks on stem cell advances (Reuters)
Human Cloning lecture fails to mention non embryonic stem cell sources (BBC 19/05/00)
Prince Charles warns of 'playing god' (BBC 17/05/00)
Human Cloning patent climb down (BBC 05/05/00)
April  Cloned cattle soon to be released into herds (Reuters 02/04/00)
Adult stem cell technology races ahead (WP 24/04/00).
Dolly creators back scavenging of cloned human embryos (BBC 12/04/00).
Adult stem cell technology racing ahead.  No need to use embryos! (Reuters 10/04/00).
International condemnation of Cloning Centres on the UK (CBHD 05/04/00).
Human Cloning, worrying speculation (BBC 03/04/00
March  Dolly scientists clone five little piggies (14/03/00).
February  Cloning patent error sparks anger (BBC 23/02/00).
Public poll hi-lights public opposition to all forms of human cloning (Reuters/Zogby).
Human Cloning Patent - a mistake (Wired News 22/02/00).
Japan Readying Bill to Ban Human Cloning (Reuters).
January 2000 New life at the expense of another (National Post 04/01/00).
A personal commentary of a patient with a degenerative illness, who could benefit from stem cell technology.
Chief Medical Officer's group meeting to discuss human cloning

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