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July Dolly firm used woman's DNA, without consent (BBC 03/07/00)
June Scientists crack human code (BBC 26/06/00)
'Smart Gene' makes for brainy mice (BBC 19/06/00)
Science landmark due within the week (BBC 20/06/00)
Genome puzzle near to solution (BBC 03/06/00)
Complete mouse DNA map soon (BBC 02/06/00)
May 2000 Gene therapy works for muscular dystrophy in dogs (Reuters 30/05/00)
Call for ban on GM humans (BBC 29/05/00)
Date set for results of Human Genome project (BBC 24/05/00)
Monkeys genetically modified in the womb (BBC 22/05/00)
The Genetic Mother Lode: Seattle Biotech Firms Scramble to Decode Thousands of Genes  (Seattle Times)
Gene therapy for hearing loss may be possible (Reuters 16/05/00)
Physicist envisions 'hereditary castes' (WT 17/05/00)
Complete Human Gene map claimed (BBC 08/05/00)

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