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June Human pesticide to be distributed under strict controls in the USA (Reuters 07/06/00)
Northern Ireland assembly rejects abhorrent abortion law (BBC 20/06/00)
Northern Ireland assembly debates abortion law (BBC 20/06/00)
Poll: Support for legalised abortion declines (Reuters 18/06/00)
Study shows abortion 4 times more dangerous than child birth (PA review 00)
Malta says plan for abortion ship horrendous (reuters 15/06/00)
United Nations conference update (AP 09/06/00)
Fury at teenage abortion promotion (BBC 09/06/00)
Human pesticide to be distributed under strict controls in the USA (Reuters 07/06/00)
May Abortion clinic in conveyor belt claim (Evening Standard 24/05/00)
Researcher's study new screening method for Down syndrome (AP 31/05/00)
Rape victims find abortion alternatives (30/05/00)
Down's seek and destroy test goes wrong (BBC 30/05/00)
USA on the brink of overturning barbaric abortion laws (25/05/00)
De-stigmatise adoption, abortion hearings told (Irish Times 24/05/00)
April Thousands support pro-life vigil to mourn 32 years of abortion (BBC 29/04/00)
Poland wipes out abortion - A fear of back street abortions has often been used to defend legalised abortion.  One country has proven that this fear is groundless.
Response to abortion promotion on Underground (04/00)
Surviving twins 'at risk of defects' (BBC 04/04/00)
Doctors underestimate survival rates of premature babies (CNN 01/04/00)
US High Court to ponder whether partly born baby is alive.
Baby photographed from womb - update (AP 23/04/00)
Aborted baby survives 80 minutes (AFP 10/04/00).
March 2000 Gene tests urged for unborn babies (BBC 11/03/00).
FBI Says Starting Probe Into Fetal Tissue (Reuters 10/03/00).
Anger at abortion guidelines (BBC 11/03/00).
Holding Hands.
Samuel has been born, a letter from his parents.
Democrats and GOP spar over fetal tissue hearing (CNN 10/03/00).
September 1999 Doctors operate on 21 week unborn baby with spina bifida (Tennessan 07/09/99)
Latest abortion statistics

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