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"Student LifeNet is a national coalition of pro-life students, working together to protect and defend human life from the moment of conception until natural death."

An NUS survey suggests that 1 in 10 female students become pregnant at university. Of these how many keep their baby? And of those who do, how many are given the chance to stay at university? We owe it to our fellow students to support those who do find themselves pregnant and to create an atmosphere where a female undergraduate can both keep her baby and continue her studies. 

Prolife issues are major issues for students, major issues for our generation


With this in mind, Student LifeNet has four aims:

1. To provide help and support for pregnant students.
Some universities offer accommodation to married students but how many look after students with young children in the same way. 

2. To give advice on setting up Prolife groups within universities.
Many students do not realise that there are others who share their view; by setting up a Prolife group students can support and help each other. 

3. To foster an environment sympathetic to a Prolife voice.
On such an important issue, Freedom of Speech is vital; a noisy minority must not be allowed to stifle discussion. 

4. To share information on student initiatives, speakers and material.
The basic structure is the same at most universities and a speaker or initiative that worked in one will work in others.

For More Information Contact:

Student LifeNet
P.O.Box 30304, LONDON, NW10 2ZB
Tel: 020 8830 2086


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